At St. Timothy, in addition to our liturgical services, there are several ministries available to our parish family.  Some are service oriented, others are educational.  We hope you find one or more that are well suited to your needs.  Let us know if you have other ministry ideas.

Service Ministries

Educational Ministries

Altar Servers

Myrrh Bearers

Ironmen Men's Group

Sisters of St. Timothy


Choir and Chant

Church School

Adult Education

Book Study Groups

Our Parish Bookstore

 "From the very beginning of Our Lord's ministry, when he called the first disciples, Peter and Andrew, the Church has existed both as a community and within a community. In these roles, there are a variety of activities that the parish Church undertakes, both in terms of liturgical services and in charitable work and outreach, both within the parish and out in the larger community as a whole. If any of these are lacking, then the parish has not lived up to the calling of Christ. If there is liturgy without outreach, then we fail, since 'faith without works is dead,' but if we have outreach without liturgy, we also fail, since 'man is not justified by works of the law but by faith in Jesus Christ.' Therefore, it is necessary for a healthy parish to effectively balance both liturgy and community outreach in order to properly work towards the salvation of each of its members. This requires careful planning and scheduling, as well as the proper delegation of tasks throughout the parish community." - His Grace, Bishop THOMAS