The Myrrh-bearers' ministry at St Timothy is an opportunity for the girls and young ladies of the parish to serve with the clergy "before the Iconostasis," just as the boys and young men serve with the clergy "behind the Iconostasis." Like the Acolyte minsitry, the Myrrh-bearers' ministry is a structured program of fun, learning, and service to and within the Parish community. As the girls learn more about serving our Lord Jesus Christ as did the women disciples of the Lord, they develop a closer walk and relationship with Him. They learn the spiritual aspects of humility, modesty, love, and nurturing.

The Myrrh-bearers focus their ministry on ringing the parish bells, tending the prayer candles during prayer and worship, bringing the tithes and offerings forward for blessing, serving with the Hospitality teams, or (with the approval of the Choir Director) chanting and singing with the Choir. The Myrrh-bearers' program at St Timothy begins at age 8, depending on maturity and parental approval. Speak to Johanna Cates if you are interested in becoming a Myrrh-bearer.