The Men’s Group at St Timothy creates an opportunity for men of all ages to meet together, fellowship together and grow in Christ together. The Men at St Timothy meet monthly to share a meal and to listen to a speaker invited to address the group on a variety of subjects related to spiritual formation.Mens Group Logo

The Men of St. Timothy seek to exemplify the Christian values of worship, service, fellowship, and witness (outreach). We endeavor to practice these values within our homes, within the Orthodox Church, and with the community. In accordance with Christ’s teachings, we are committed, through our actions, to assist those in need and to inspire our fellow human beings to emulate these same values, while providing a safe environment for spiritual growth.

Our endeavors are inspired by God’s love for all mankind, performed with humility, with mutual respect, and without the expectation of any recognition or reward. Participation in the activities of the Men’s Group is purely voluntary and is intended to be self-funded. Regular activities are held on the last Saturday of every month; other dates as announced.