The St Timothy Acolytes and Altar Servers are an active and important aspect of the Liturgical activities, services, and worship of the Parish.  The Acolyte program at St Timothy typically begins at age 8, depending on maturity and parental approval. Speak to Subdeacon Timothy if you are interested or have questions.  The Acolyte program is open to boys and men interested in participating as helpers to and participants in the divine services with the subdeacons, deacons and priests.

The Acolyte Program at St Timothy is formal and includes a structured program of learning about the services of Orthodoxy, Church History and Ecclessiology, and Orthodox Spirituality as the Acolytes move from boyhood to young adult men learning leadership within this and any Orthodox community. Through their learning and serving, in a developing commitment to Christ and His Church, the young men of the Parish of St Timothy establish a saving relationship with Jesus Christ, our Lord God and Savior.