For adults and older teens, we hold:

We are currently holding adult education classes during Orthros on Sunday mornings the first and third Sundays of the month.  Check the parish calendar for exact dates.  The files below are examples of some of the content we shared at recent classes.  




Teaching on the Orthros (Matins) Service


Previous Adult Classes

The Lionheart Sessions.  A four session workshop focused on the Orthodox teaching on manhood. This curriculum, developed by Orthodox bishops, pastors, and psychologists is specifically designed for the men of our parishes. The program, through video presentations and directed discussions, is intended to facilitate a better understanding of what it means to be men in the context of the Orthodox Church. 

“In the World, But Not of It.” Mother Melania spoke about how we Orthodox should be in the world, but not of it. Just how do we do that? We need to first understand how our souls are made, how they got broken, and how God heals them. Then, we can apply this knowledge to specific issues in American culture, such as sexuality, abortion, care of the elderly, and moral relativism. To hear the audio recording of this retreat, go to the In the World But Not Of It section of the website.

How Did We Get Our Bible? In this class, we explored such questions as When was the Bible first written down?, How old are the earliest manuscripts?, and Why do we have so many translations?

The Book of Ruth: In the Old Testament book of Ruth, we meet gentle heroes and heroines who endured poverty, racism, abandonment and starvation. They teach us how a family comes together in order to survive -- and who survived to become the future royal family of King David and the earthly family of Christ our Lord. 

Foundations of the Orthodox Faith: A study of the Orthodox Faith and how we establish and pursue our relationship and personal conversation with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, with a close look at the “Shield of our Faith” and what a treasure is ours as we approach Baptism, the Altar and participate in divine worship.

The Role of Women in the First Century Church. This document includes an "afterward" by Father Matthew Mackay on "Big-T, little-t" Tradition.