Parish Council meetings are held monthly and open to any parishioner.  See the Parish Calendar for the specific dates and times.  Minutes are published after each meeting.  Please click this link to view the archived Parish Council minutes.


Elected and appointed voting members:

  • Subdeacon Timothy (Saleem) Abu-Dawood
  • Mike Abughazaleh
  • Martin Esquivel 
  • Mike Haskins (President)
  • Dale Hernandez (Treasurer)
  • Mike Holland (Vice President)
  • Osama Fadayel
  • Khalil Sayegh
  • Leila Yacoub (Secretary)

Ex-officio voting members:

  • Father John Christianson, Pastor
  • Director of Christian Education (Vacant)
  • Reader Matthew Marinos, Choir Director
  • Monica Felix, Antiochian Women
  • Fellowship of St John the Divine (Vacant)
  • SOYO Adult Leader (Vacant)

The Deacons and Subdeacons are ex-officio non-voting members of the Council